Trends in KCPE performance.

Thousands of students sit for their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams every year. Discover the performance records of schools, districts and counties in Kenya from 2006 to 2011.

About KCPE Trends

Over the last number of years, trends in education performance have emerged from across the country, some of which can be explained by cultural norms, climate change or even conflict. Root causes, especially the negative trends, are in some cases not so easy to identify. For instance, some counties with relatively good climate, cultural behaviours that promote education and fairly good economies still perform below the national average in some subjects. Nakuru county, for instance, performed below the national average for Science between 2006 and 2011. However, we are unable to find targeted interventions for the county related to performance in Sciences.

Although there exist a number of studies that show the challenges with education performance and poor outcomes, it is more difficult to find cases of targeted regional interventions that address subject level performance problems in counties.

Join us on 6th December, 2013 as we bring together education sector experts to explore what can be done to deliver targeted interventions at the sub-national levels of our education system. Follow the hashtag #kcpetrends on twitter or subscribe to our mailing list for more information.

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This visualization relies on school codes assigned by the Kenya National Examinations Council to identify a trend. Over time, some schools seemed to have their codes changed for one reason or another so the dataset may list a school with multiple school codes. This causes some of the schools to show up in different districts and different counties or search results to be duplicated.

Known Issues

The following are known issue listed with the current iteration of KCPE Trends visualization:

  • Counties like Murang’a that have apostrophe’s and/or special characters do not show up
  • Sometimes only subject charts show up without the overall average chart
  • The Social Studies and Religion chart stretches unevenly if you search again without refreshing the page
We’re currently working on these issues and they will be corrected soon. At which point we will also include a comparison feature to compare different schools, districts and regions and direct links to specific charts that you can share on social media.

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Want to use the raw data to check the facts, or build your own projects? KCPE Trends is built with data from the Kenya Open Data portal and Kenya National Examinations Council. You're welcome to re-use all of this information, in any way you please and without any cost, as long as you acknowledge where you got the data from.


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